Clarissa’s Logo Productions offers custom embroidery services to businesses, leagues, teams, schools, and people seeking custom gifts in Tucson, Arizona. Embroidery is a great way to add a custom touch to shirts, hats, jackets, totes, and even backpacks.

 We’ve been serving clients on projects of all sizes since 1991. Every job is equally important to us. Whether you have a large embroidery project for your business merchandise or a small embroidery project for family gifts, you’ll receive the same high standard of service with us.


Why Choose Embroidery?

 We love screen printing. We offer screen printing as a service because sometimes, it’s the best option. Embroidery is the right choice for occasions where a more sophisticated touch is needed. Embroidery puts your logos into three dimensions. The threads add texture and depth, bringing your logo to life.

 Embroidery provides a versatile way to apply your logo to a wide variety of products. Embroidery patches offer the freedom of full customization. The person wearing the patch can decide where to affix it on their special vest, dress shirt, or jack

Our Garment Selection

Clarissa’s offers a huge selection of garments for embroidery. Our catalog includes Nike, Gildan, Hanes, Eddie Bauer, Port Authority, and The North Face. We embroider T-Shirts, caps, workwear, outerwear, bags, caps, polos, sweatshirts, aprons – pretty much anything. Almost every piece of fabric can be embroidered.

Club Jackets and patches

Corporate Logos

Custom Monograms



Sports Teams and Leagues

Your Design or Let Us Help You


Digitizing Your Designs

Many people who come to Clarissa’s for embroidery already have a logo or design. We’re able to digitize your logo, converting your Corel, Adobe, JPEG, BITMAP, or TIFF file into a format that our embroidery machines can read. After we’ve converted the file, the machine can perfectly translate your logo into thread.

Working with Our Font Library

Clarissa’s has thousands of stock fonts that can be used to customize logos or designs or as standalone text in embroidery. You can use our fonts to add customization to stock designs. Many people come to Clarissa’s for text only embroidery. If you’re making team jackets or gifts for your family, name embroidery is a simple way to customize each piece.

Dowload our Font Library (10 MB PDF) 


Choosing an Embroidery Thread

There are two types of embroidery thread: rayon and polyester. These threads are used for completely different purposes. The simplest explanation is that rayon is for shiny, pretty, delicate embroidery. Polyester is for embroidery that needs to withstand wear and tear.

If you’re embroidering a name or logo on a sports uniform or a mechanic’s jumpsuit, you’ll want to use polyester threads. These garments are intended to take a lot of abuse and require frequent laundering. Polyester will hold up to nearly anything.

Rayon embroidery is better for garments you would treat gently. Customized silk pajamas and soft baby blankets look beautiful with rayon embroidery. Just be sure the recipient of the embroidery knows to care for the embroidered piece with a delicate hand.

The Different Types of Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery utilizes three different types of stitches, often in conjunction with each other. Each stitch type plays a different role in shaping the finished design.

The Fill Stitch

The fill stitch is the kind of stitch used to fill a large area with a solid color. It’s the foundation and the background for badge shaped embroidery projects. For some embroidery projects, a fill stitch in the appropriate shape is first applied to the garment. Thin fabrics and fabrics with a high pile (like fleece) can’t be directly embroidered. Fleece swallows details, and soft fabrics bunch up. A fill layer gives the embroidery a solid place to sit, ultimately making the details more visible.

The Satin Stitch

Satin stitching is used to create lettering or outlines for embroidery. The colored border around an embroidery patch or logo is usually a satin stitch. Satin stitching reinforces the edges of a design while providing beautiful contrast.

The Running or Walking Stitch

Running or walking stitches make details look hand stitched onto a garment. When you picture traditional style floral embroidery designs, you’re imagining the running stitch.


How the Embroidery Process Works


After we’ve digitized your artwork or worked with you to create a design from out stock collection and font library, we’ll do some final proofing. We run a sample to test the design and assure it meets aesthetic and quality expectations. If we need to manipulate or retool the design a little more, we’ll know before we embroider it on a garment.

When the art has been perfected, it’s time to embroider it. A special hoop gets snapped onto the area of the fabric that’s about to be embroidered, and the hoop is then affixed to the embroidery machine. This keeps the tension in the fabric perfect throughout the process, leading to a smooth and even embroidery.

After the embroidery is completed, the garment enters the trimming phase. The excess backing is removed from the design. Some backing needs to be skillfully cut away. Other types of backing are designed to peel off.

Sometimes, the embroidery machine leaves a little bit of a ring impression around the design. This doesn’t damage the garment. The fabric is steamed and the ring comes right out, just like a wrinkle.

When your garments are completed, we carefully pack them up for you. You can arrange to pick them up or we can ship them to your home or business.

Starting Your Embroidery Project

Clarissa’s Logo Productions is eager to discuss the details of your embroidery project. We have a wealth of options for embroidery style, design, and garments, and we’re looking forward to helping you create your perfect custom embroidered piece. You can call us at (520) 628-1525 to discuss your design and receive a quote for your project. We take on projects of any size, and we’re eager to accommodate you.


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